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Robofortress Flash remake

Joshua Smyth has ported his 2009 Global Game Jam entry Robofortress from the XNA Framework to Flash.

Robofortress is a frantic action game that draws on Robotron and Berzerk. The goal of the game is to guide a little robot character around a Maze while fending off hordes of monsters with unlimited ammo. Controls are simple, just use Cursor Keys or WASD to move, and point and click to shoot.

The new version is essentially the same as the old one, except with the thankful addition of an Easy maze (the Normal maze is beatable but incredibly unforgiving!). This is Joshua's first Flash game and it brings great promise, hopefully some day we'll see Flash based sequels to Attack of the Meeplings and Caverns of Underkeep as well.

The game can be played at



JoshuaSmyth (not verified)

Hey thanks for the link.


There will most probably almost definately maybe be an Attack of the Meeplings II done in flash.