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Voxelstein 3D

A while ago I was planning to post a quick review of Voxelstein 3D on my blog but forgot about it until today.

Voxelstein 3D is an experimental remake/parody of Wolfenstein 3D, still in the early stages of production. What makes it stand out is everything in the game is made out of "Voxels" (3D Pixels, untextured cubes with uniform dimensions assembled to form three dimensional images) rather then flat sprites or polygons.

Asides from giving the game a highly unique look, it brings some unique mechanics as well. For instance, not only is nearly everything destructible but it is also deformable - if you have enough time and patience, you could probably make a wood carving out of a tree with a knife.

I thought that a video would be more informative thenĀ  screenshots, so I stole this video from youtube (cheers to seebee for this)

While it is fascinating from a technical and aesthetic viewpoint, outside of blowing everything up there isn't much fun to be had. There are also some images in the game that are as pointless as they are blatantly offensive (A poster of the Virginia Tech murderer, for instance). Enemy AI is pretty basic, and the rooms are very compact so there is no room for running battles.

Regardless, I feel that the game has some good potential, and is worth playing for a few minutes. The current demo can be downloaded from

Random trivia - Voxelstein 3D's engine is based on "Voxlap" by Ken Silverman, creator of early FPS Ken's Labyrinth and Duke Nukem 3D's Build engine.



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Fantastic idea. Damn I want a login so I don't need to do these CAPTCHAs..

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Damn, pity it's Windows. :(