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An apology and an explanation.

A few of you would have received a rather dubious email from my Gmail account a few days ago, something along the lines of:

Last week, I have ordered china product Apple iPad 64GB
this w e bsite:[redacted]
I've received the item today
It's amazing! The item is original, brand new and has high quality,
but it's much cheap  I'm pleased to share this good news with you!
I believe you will find what you want there and have an good experience
on shopping from them

My account was hacked from a Chinese IP address ( and used to send such spam to virtually my entire contact list.

I strongly suspect that this relates to the Hell Pizza hacking debacle I've heard whispers from colleagues that a few other New Zealand based Gmail accounts have also been used to send spam recently which appears to confirm my suspicions.

It was stupid and reckless for Hell Pizza not to hash their passwords. However I admit that this hack was only made possible because I was also stupid and reckless using the same password for more than one Internet account. Lesson learned, my bad, sorry guys.

I feel rather humiliated by the experience, enough to never buy from Hell again and leave this post on my site for the rest of it's existence. That said, my decision could be swayed by copious amounts of free Pizza..



Joined: 05/16/2009

Haha, no problem man.  Same thing happened to my hotmail account.  That pizza sounds good though..

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Joined: 02/06/2009

Heh, yes, their Pizza is damned good, and they have some highly unusual but delicious desert Pizzas (Chocolate and Banana). Shame that their website security was so terrible.