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Half-Life in half a year

EDIT - Completely forgot Half-Life: Decay, either I'll need to find a PS2 copy of the game, or try to get the unofficial PC mod working.

I must be one of the very few gamers out there that hasn't spent any serious time playing Half Life. I played the start of the original one a bit, and the demo of Opposing Force, but that's it.

Apparently, they're damn good, so this is a shame. It's also difficult for me to follow when other Auckland Game Workers(??) are discussing it's apparently brilliant narrative, and a mate of mine gifted me the Orange Box ages ago. So I decided to commit to playing through the entire series, start to finish, in order before the end of this year. Not rushing it, just taking my time enjoying all the series has to offer.

So, my plan is thus:

June & July - Half Life
August - Opposing Force
September - Blue Shift, Decay
October & November - Half Life 2
December - Lost Coast, Episode 1 & 2

Not much more to say, stay tuned!



JoshuaSmyth (not verified)

I'm still half way through half-life 2 - For some reason it hasn't really captured my interest.

Joined: 05/05/2009

Yeah I did that, the order I played them in is:

  1. Portal
  2. Half life
  3. Blue Shift
  4. Opposing forces
  5. Half life 2
  6. Half life: episode 1
  7. Half life: episode 2
  8. Half life: Lost Coast

If you follow twitter you would know that I am now up to 7. :) Half Life is redicliously long, HL2 is almost that long.. Seriously though I got bored though HL. They know how to make maps WAY too linear. You can actually play the games without thinking about what you are doing at all, nor do you have to learn the map or navigate at all. It reminds me of a kind of lowest demoniator like game, and I haven't played many games. The actual aiming and shooting is made far too easy IMHO as well.


So far the games have been a weekend each.

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Joined: 05/24/2009

It took me three attempts to actually 'get into' HL1. I really didn't like it at first. But this year, I finally played through the whole thing and really enjoyed it. It still stands up as an excellent, innovative shooter - One of the best ever made. However, I still have to play through the rest of the series. Download the version of 'Decay' for Steam - It works fine for me.

Joined: 05/05/2009

Hrm. Blue shift IIRC was longer than Opposing forces. You may want to consider that in your plan.