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Happy New Years

Happy New Years from Earok.Net

2008 was a pretty good year for me - asides from finally ditching blogspot, establishing my own website and releasing two full length games - It's been exactly one year since I hooked up with my wonderful partner Kirsty.

2009 will be a year that I focus relentlessly on establishing myself as an indie gamer. I will establish my own company for my new indie games, the name is yet to be confirmed. I expect to release three or four new games (or, at the least, much improved versions of old games). I also have a sales goal for my games for this year; exactly one - a signed boxed copy sold to some lucky person who'll be able to sell it for a mint in twenty years time if he holds onto it.

Now that it's January 1st, It's time to get to work on the Earok Engine. The first step is to rip the guts out of the Derelict engine, refactor it to increase readability and flexibility, change the function and variable names to match a new naming convention, while keeping the Derelict codebase stable enough to compile and play. I've already shifted Derelict's sound, music and fading libraries to the engine.

A dev post will be on the blog soon. Stay tuned.



hydra9 (not verified)

Here's to 2009!

Norm (not verified)

Great aitrcle, thank you again for writing.

Joined: 05/05/2009

Wow.. That happened that long ago!

Earok's picture
Joined: 02/06/2009

That's.. bizarre. I've had spammers before, but never for a major site ( Are they really that desperate?

Heh, I didn't reach my goal of selling exactly one game until a month ago.

Joined: 05/05/2009

I think they are just filling in forms by guess work... The algorithm I think stuffed up.