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Drupal 7 Migration

I decided to bite the bullet and attempt a Drupal 7 upgrade. Unfortunately it didn't work and I was forced to restore a backup copy of my site.

Don't know for sure why it broke, but frankly the site is bit of a mess. Lots of modules that were used and now not used, as well as probably some artifacts left over from previous migrations (Originally a Blogger blog, then a Wordpress site before going to Drupal 6).

So, I decided to just start a new Drupal 7 site, and attempt to import the old content later. The development build is online at Not really any content yet, but I love the new theme and slider menu. It's from here if you want to try the theme on your own Drupal 6/7 site.

The new Earok logo is by Cobra Blade, I'm likely to start using it in my games.



Cobra's picture
Joined: 03/09/2011

Sucks that the migration didn't go well. But I really like the new theme. Really slick and cool.

Look forward to it becoming your primary site.

Earok's picture
Joined: 02/06/2009

Cheers Cobra, and thanks for the logo, I think it fits the new theme well.

Joined: 05/05/2009

I guess that is why people say sometimes default is best. ;P