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Battlesuit Dev Diary #7

Again, didn't really get any time to do anything towards Battlesuit. So here's another faked up concept screenshot.

About two thirds of the Shareware episode is set in space, so I thought I should do a screenshot there. This is a depiction of the Shareware episode's final boss fight. While most boss fights are against an enemy with superior armor and firepower, Manfred's Battlesuit is only lightly armoured and is armed only with a sword. That said, the Battlesuit is lightening quick and Manfred has cat-like reflexes, so it promises to be an intense fight.

As you can see I've streamlined the GUI a bit, though I intend to do so further. I'll probably ditch the instrument panel look and switch to glass displays. Also thinking about retro-ising the displays with low resolution and limited palette, the game is set in an alternative 1980s so at least the computer displays should look like they're from that era!



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This is the first time that I've heard of this project, but I haven't really checked up on news in a while.  Are you gonna be releasing this for the PC?  Or are you gonna do some sort of Ipod release.  I only ask because the screenshot kind of looks like it might work for an Ipod Touch or Android.

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Hey man, good to hear from you. I didn't really plan for Android or iOS support, but since the platform is Unity that's certainly a possibility.