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Battlesuit NaGaDeMo Dev Diary: Day Six

And now time for something completely different!

It's been awhile since I've posted a non-trivial update, so I decided to lay the groundwork for the Visual Novel engine tonight, and added a few background images. Also the game loops around after a Victory or Defeat. Nothing really else to say at this point. The next couple of days I'll work on actually having a story for the first mission, and maybe look at doing levels 2 or 3 as well.

Josh is also working on a NaGaDeMo game, a first person roguelike infact. Check it out at Tiny Frog Software.

(Disclaimer, pretty much all art in the game is stolen at this point. It won't be "officially" released until all of the stolen assets are swapped out).

Play it on my dropbox.



Joshua Smyth (not verified)

I'm not making a visual novel engine for this 30 day game, but will probably be one of the first things I work on after the 30 days is up.


Are you using a script file of somekind? Care to post an example script?

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This is the current script for the first level.
Square braces indicate sections, spawn indicates spawning a unit, background/midground/foreground set the graphics, colon indicates dialogue (if it starts with a colon with nothing on the left, it indicates narration or monologue, otherwise it indicates one character saying something)
background sky
foreground school
emi:Hi! This is my very first line in the game.
lothar:And this is mine!
keiko:And I don't even have an avatar yet! Teehee
midground shinobi
:Third Message
spawn shinobi 10x11 pilot=karen
:Ingame Message 1
spawn viking 10x7 pilot=lothar
:Ingame Message 2
spawn oni 13x11 pilot=kaya
:Ingame Message 3
spawn viking 13x7
background sky
foreground school
:The end