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Battlesuit NagaDemo Dev Diary: Day Thirteen

As you can see, the aesthetics are changing direction quite a lot!

I've decided to ditch doing a strictly tile-based level layout and do one more akin to People's General's "Living Battlefield" aesthetic, for at least some of the levels. Bear in mind I still want an anime-esque look for as many aspects of the game as possible, it's just I'm going to use rough screenshots whipped up in Unity until we can work out how to do that.

I've asked Cobra Blade to come aboard to help with the character profiles, and he's already recreated some of them in 3D, yet still with an anime look (like his Powerslam game). I think he's done a really good job interpreting and enhancing upon the rough drafts I whipped up in the Anime Face Generator.

Play it on my Dropbox.



joshuasmyth (not verified)

Please add an option to turn on/off an overlay grid - (even if it's at like 50% alpha) I like to see a grid when playing strategy games.

joshuasmyth (not verified)

Also - The profile artwork is looking good!