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BattleSuit NaGaDeMo Dev Diary: Day Three

The game actually has some gameplay now!

The gameplay is still extremely coarse though. The AI is lobotomized, there's no balance, a lot of mechanics that could make the game more challenging interesting aren't present yet, there's only one scenerio etc etc, but at least it's something that technically meets the criteria of what a 'game' is.


Each turn, you can move your Units a certain distance and Attack if there are enemies in Range. If you're directly next to an enemy you'll carry out a "melee" attack, otherwise you'll carry out a "ranged" attack. When you're done, click the STOP SIGN to end your turn.

When you've selected a Unit, all of the attackable enemies will state two numbers. The left number is the percentage of a successful hit at that range, the right number is the amount of damage left after the hit if it's successful (the right number will just read 'KILL' if the enemy is damaged enough for one more strike  to finish it off).


  • HP: Health Points a Mecha has left
  • Speed: Maximum distance a Mecha can travel
  • Range: Maximum distance a Mecha can attack from
  • Damage: The amount of damage a successful ranged attack will do
  • Melee: The amount of damage a successful melee attack will do
  • Aim: Pilot's ability to carry out a ranged attack
  • Fencing: Pilot's ability to carry out a melee attack
  • Defence: Pilot's ability to defend from a ranged or melee attack


  • A Mech's defense is lowered per each time it's attacked per turn (whether or not it was a successful attack).
  • Take your unit close enough to attack, fire, and then retreat.
  • Certain units, such as the SHINOBI, excel at Melee attacking, so get these ones adjacent to the enemy.

Play it on my dropbox.



joshuasmyth (not verified)

You have more gameplay than me

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Heh, I'm certain there's only barely more. (Because mine has barely any to begin with anyway!)