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BattleSuit NaGaDeMo Dev Diary: Final!

It's midnight on the last day of the month, so the (first?) NaGaDeMo is officially over. I hit a brick wall about half way through the month and development more or less stopped, but over the last few days I put in enough work to get the first four levels out the door, as well as a few final tweaks to most elements of the game.

It's not to the stage where I hoped it would be - the game still lacks any kind of audio, I hoped that I'd get an opportunity to add basic effects and animation, and there's only four of the twelve levels I'd hoped that I would add - but I'm still happy with it and I may continue to develop it to reach the vision I had for it at the start of the month.

Massive thanks to Anthony Lau, who was working up until the last hour on his fantastic vehicle art. The game wouldn't have been possible without you man.

Also massive thanks to Cobra Blade for churning out some great character designs for the game.

Finally, thanks to everyone that that played or gave feedback on the game (too numerous to list!).

Play on my Dropbox.

Now, back to the Spiderman bluray marathon.



Anthony O^O (not verified)

Thanks, Erik. You gave me a good excuse to do a lot crazy mecha designs ;P