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Just a minor big of news.

My cheesy experimental shooter from 2007 - Blow Stuff Up - has made it on to the front page of Though it hasn't been as well received as my other games (72% user approval - versus 82% for the Kiwi's Tale and 99% for Derelict) I'm still happy for it to have made it there regardless. Thanks again Mr Caiman!


Philip Truax (not verified)

I love the game but it's all crashy on me.

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Joined: 02/06/2009

Oh? I'm guessing it's related to those bugs we faced with Derelict. Thanks for letting me know (Maybe that partially explains the lukewarm reception..)

If I can get my a-into-g and actually learn C++ and OGRE, maybe we'll see a brand new enhanced version of it by the end of the year.