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Blow Stuff Up re-release

Blow Stuff Up has now been re-released through the games page. This is still not the final release (I still need a manual and a 3D mesh to represent the Mechas) but it's close enough to the final version that I thought I may as well get it out there.

Thanks to Guilherme Chirinéa, this version has a Portuguese language option. This is the first time any of my games has a non-English option ever. With the language framework I developed, theoretically translations of any language that uses the Latin alphabet could be made.

Other notable new features include a launcher for setting resolution options, XBox 360 controller support and split-screen two player. Unfortunately at this stage an XBox 360 controller is required for the two player mode, but in future I may be able to develop a LAN mode for the game.

Also, since everyone asked - Crosshairs are now in the game.

I'll be working on The Kiwi's Tale next, and hope to get a new Release Candidate out in the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned.


Robert (not verified)

Hi, did you use Unity or UDK?... I could not find the comparison you were about to make in 2010.


Robert (not verified)

Hi, i dont know if previous message arrived. I wanted to know if you used Unity o UDK in you remake. You were going to post a comparison about them. I would like to know wich is better for you.


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Hi Robert,

Sorry, I got lazy and didn't have enough time. This is still Blitz3D O_o