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UDK/Unity project on hold

After having a brilliantly successful novel writing November, December hasn't been an exceptionally productive month for me so far. Infact, my effort to learn UDK and Unity has been a terrible misfire, as I have barely scratched the surface of either.

I think, it should have been blatantly obvious to me that trying to learn two game development environments simultaneously within a month was an incredibly dumb idea. By trying to learn both, I can't bring myself to properly focus on either.

There's also lots of other stuff that needs to be done this month, such as Christmas presents for everyone, and getting the apartment tidy again (It was more or less completely neglected over November).

So, new plan: In January I'll focus purely on producing a Unity version of the game, and in February I'll focus purely on the UDK version of the game.

Also, this month I'm thinking of creating an extremely limited run of CDs with installable versions of all of the games on my site, as gifts for family and friends (I can't exactly sell them as most of the games feature significant input from others!). Anyone interested in getting a copy sent to them?


Avengingwatcher (not verified)

I'd love one, but the shipping would be too prohibitive :) Once things settle down here with the new baby any day now I am going ot getg back in touch with you. You are one of my favorite fun people.

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Worldwide shipping isn't too expensive from NZ (Provided you can wait a few weeks!). If you want to send me your address through the contact page I'll make sure you get one.

Congratulations on your new baby

Also, this might sound like a weird question, but your nickname name isn't a reference to the Highlander TV Series by chance?