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Derelict is starting to come into the spotlight a bit, maybe the switch to Drupal also brought much better Search Engine Optimisation!

Asides from the Derelict videos on YouTube, I had two emails recently about it (one negative as the player couldn't work out how to play it, good tuition is admittedly lacking in the game, the other one was positive) but also Freeware games site has given Derelict an overwhelmingly good review on Wednesday: 97%!! The review was can be read here. Also, I think that the posted screengrabs are among the best ever put on the Internet for Derelict.

He also reviewed The Kiwi's Tale on Thursday and, while not quite as positive it is still pretty good (82%). The review is here.

The recent focus on Derelict has convinced me; my next game (and the first game built with the Earok Engine) will be Derelict 1.5, a massive overhaul of Derelict with better graphics, gameplay, story, cutscenes, and yes, it will include Multiplayer.

Stay tuned.



MartinX (not verified)

Awesome! Derelict is clearly one of the best free games here. And multiplayer would be a great feature-cooperative, deathmatch and team deathmatch modes. But you shoild add different weapons and therefore to search for ammo. And maybe a laser sword like in Star Wars :D.

Earok's picture
Joined: 02/06/2009

Cheers man, I appreciate it. A shotgun is already in the latest (unreleased) build of the game.

Not sure if a laser sword would fit, but some kind of melee weapon (fireaxe?) would be good.

Jacob (not verified)

Been awhile since I'd heard anything about Derelict!

I really loved beta-testing the game and I'm glad to see it getting the attention it deserves. Not many people can claim to develop their own 3D graphics engine - let alone a full game built in it. I look forward to seeing the improvements that will be made in the next version of Derelict. Best of luck to you, and keep me posted!

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Joined: 02/06/2009

Hi Jacob,

Good to hear from you, I really appreciated the feedback form you sent me back in June last year.

To be fair, I didn't write the graphics engine, I use the built in Direct X7 graphics engine that comes with BlitzBasic 3D (though I did put a fair amount of work into the code that renders the heightmapped walls).

Version 1.2 is basically complete (Download from but versions 1.3, 1.4 and 1.5 will bring much more drastic changes (in gameplay, narrative and multiplayer respectively).

Anyway, keep in touch, and I hope you enjoy the new version of the game.

Anonymous (not verified)

Dear sweet lord, I just found this game on a freegames website(cant remember which one), thinking OH HEY, this sounds interesting, i'll try it out, probably be bored after 15 mins, but w/e.




3 1/2 hours later i'm in the mainframe room with 9% health on the engineer and no teammates and all i hear is scratching and bad things.  THIS GAME IS AMAZING!!.  Havent been this engrossed since the first time I played system shock 2.  Its like 1st person X-com + system shock WITH ZOMBIES ...or w/e they are.   Freakin awesome.  Seriously, some parts of this game were just leaving me very white knuckle for a bit trying to think how the hell am I gonna get out of this one, WHERES A TEAMMATE, OMG ZOMBIES RUN!!!


Cheers mate, Love it.

Marc (cause i'm too lazy to sign up for a login)

(ideas)This game with a lil bit more individuality on the "classes" and some good 4-5 player co-op would be even more amazing.  If ya really wanna make things interesting, make ammo limited, or findable, shareable, etc.  One of the best ways to scare a player is to make them feel like options are limited and the evil is bearing down on em.  Can't wait for 1.5


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Joined: 02/06/2009

Cheers mate, glad you enjoyed the game =) thanks for the feedback.

  • Will definitely think about how to differentiate classes more.
  • I had thought about limited ammo, or a guy that hands out ammo (like in Battlefield 2), but never really got around to it. I was worried that having scarce ammo was only going to make the game too much harder.
  • Online co-operative was planned from the start, but never really implemented. Certainly it'd be a high priority for any future versions of the game.

Also, not sure if you have the latest version or not, but I bundled the level editor with the version of the game on this site about a week ago.

Anonymous (not verified)

very nice