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Derelict 1.2 Release Candidate 1

Derelict 1.2 RC1 is now online, and can be downloaded here. This will become the release version if all of the show-stopping bugs have been fixed.

Bugs fixed:

  1. Multi-view camera is hidden for empty team slots
  2. Problems with seeing through walls have been reduced, but not completely removed
  3. Can't walk outside the level at certain points (I hope!)
  4. Sound issues during the final boss fight

There has been an issue with the screen suddenly going blank on some computers, particularly on Level 1-4. I'm not sure if it has been resolved or not as the issue does not happen on my computer and so I have no way to replicate it, but I've tided up some areas of the code base that could be responsible.

Features added:

  1. Marine speech can be turned off
  2. Nicer enemy spawn point effect
  3. Can't select dead Marines, when cycling through your team with space it will only switch to alive ones
  4. New Playtester names have been added to the credits and manual
  5. Licence (loosely based on the BSD one) has been included. In effect, you can do whatever you want with the game (republish, mod etc) as long as the licence is included unmodified with any re-releases

Once again, big thanks to all you awesome playtesters. I'm most interested in hearing if the screen-blanking bug has been fixed, can anyone please confirm/deny this?



Anonymous (not verified)

black screen still appears