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Derelict and more bees

Another dark and moody screenshot for Derelict.

One weakness I have noticed with Derelict is that there is very little incentive for comradeship. Often I find myself bolting one marine to the exit while leaving the rest to die. After all, more often than not there will be other survivors in the next level.

The fix I have come up with is to add "Experience Points" (Represented by the Rank Insignia you see in the Screenshot) to the Marines. The concept is simple, all Marines start with one XP increasing by one for each level survived to reach a maximum of five. There are four stats that are increased by leveling up, to a total maximum of 120% of the base level.

  • Accuracy (Increased damage to enemies)
  • Endurance (Decreased damage from enemies)
  • Agility (Walking speed)
  • Dexterity (Skills like repair, hacking, reloading and healing)

Also, today Anthony drew three great new enemies for WitchBlaster. A Soldier-Bee, a Kamaz-Bee and a Queen-Bee. Check them out!

I think these Bees deserve a whole game to themselves!



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Those are some cool improvements!

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Joined: 02/06/2009

Thanks Gui, hope you noticed I made your marine the highest rank (Captain) ;)