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Derelict Dev Post #15

I guess this one is a bit overdue! Sorry

There have been a few things to report, though not as much as I wanted since I have been on Holiday. I have significantly revised the messaging system to resemble a chat screen (as shown in the screenshot), you can see the direction a marine is facing by looking at the map and I have started working on TCP/IP connectivity. Yes, that means Internet play.

However I have unfortunately hit a few snags with multiplayer - it is extremely complicated and my experience with programming multiplayer games has been limited to an online pong-like (even that ran into serious difficulties). I may have another go at it in a few weeks but for now I have other priorities to focus on.



Joshua Smyth (not verified)

The tip thingees look cool.

Planning on voice overs?

Erik Hogan (not verified)

Well, i'm planning on having the marines talking - they'd each have a different kind of personality (aggressive, stoic, nervous etc). Interested in voice acting by chance?

Greg (not verified)

Looks awesome dude. I hope you can iron out all the kinks.