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Derelict Dev Post #16

I haven't really been keeping up the pace with Derelict as much as I should have, however I have made a couple of breakthroughs which should make the game more interesting. Check it out.

What we see here is a new type of object in the game - posters. Posters are basically just images attached to walls. This particular poster is special because it's dynamically generated - it is a map of the entire ship (although I haven't finished drawing it yet! Anyone good at doing blueprint type drawings is welcome to do it instead) showing the name and location of the current level. I put that in to make the levels slightly more interesting - and also try to add to the illusion that you're progressing through a ship, rather then simply playing a sequence of levels!

Other posters I have done so far include fairly generic ones like toilet signs and warning labels, however i'll definitely do one that acts as an email terminal - to give the player the option to follow the storyline by reading emails sent from the besieged ships admiral. Basically just in there as a nice touch - if you want a story you can stop to read them, if you don't you can ignore it and move on.

The Auckland Game Works meeting was really good. Joshua Smyth's java-roguelike game is coming along nicely and is rapidly approaching completion. Stephen Knightly has a working demo of his music-driven platformer. After the meeting we had lunch at the Char Grill place just down the road and spent ages just talking about games. I'll definitely inquire about holding future AGW meetings at MAINZ.

Stay tuned next week for another Derelict update, possibly with a new beta!



Maxpenguin (not verified)


Good meeting last week.

It took me a few tries to make the rapid share download work. The game is looking very nice though, got an excellently creepy feel.

I have uploaded a copy to my hosting provider, I hope you don't mind. I seriously have massive amounts of unused bandwidth - and I have recently ditched the public content on my domain. So don't worry about the bandwidth or anything since it is going unused anyway.

Anyway you can find it at:

I put together a pretty awful page for it, if you have something else you want there, have a new version or want me to host something else feel free to let me know.

Keep up the great work with Derelict.

Erik Hogan (not verified)

Cheers man, I really appreciate it. I'll spend a few hours tomorrow preparing a new version and i'll send you that as well as the map maker.

Maxpenguin (not verified)


No worries. Whenever you have got it ready, email me at:

maxpenguin at gmail.