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Derelict dev post #2

Well, its been about a week, time for me to post an update. I get the feeling that these Derelict updates are going to dominate my increasingly sparse blog entries.

I've been having a holiday - a freaking awesome holiday - and I haven't really had time to do a whole lot on Derelict. However Greg, a good mate of mine has started some work on the title screen, as below.

It is an early draft and only one days work, but its a pretty cool start none the less. From my end I started working on the level editor. At the moment at least the plan is to have the game with rectangular architecture (such as in the original Wolfenstein 3D). Now I know this will make the game somewhat anachronistic but it is necessary for the semi-advanced AI I intend to program as well as for quick level development. The level will be decorated with fully 3D objects (and monsters!) and the walls may possibly be bump-mapped, so at least it won't look like Wolfenstein 3D. The focus is more on the strategic elements then the FPS gameplay anyway, so it'll ultimately have more in common with Space Hulk then Doom.

Edit: Almost forgot. Mark, who did the impressive 3D gun models for Project Firestart, has agreed to let me re-use his work for Derelict. Thanks Mark.



Greg (not verified)
Greg (not verified)

For crying out loud...

Erik Hogan (not verified)

its aight, aight.. the background looks a little better then it did before.

Have you tried it with a metalic or starfield backdrop?

Greg (not verified)

It's got a metallic/rusty background dude. Brushed metal with rust.