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Derelict Dev Post #26 - Beta 0.5!

This is the first screen grab submitted by someone else, in this case Sam Jeffreys who has contributed a few levels and textures for Derelict. This is his new medical deck level and it is bloody brilliant. It appears here he managed to get most of the way through the level but ran afoul of a last minute enemy ambush.

I am very happy to announce that Derelict has finally reached its 0.5 beta. It is the accumulation of six month's spare time work. It only has 10 levels and 1 boss fight (I had originally intended to have 12 levels and 2 boss fights) but is nonetheless challenging and will take anyone a decent length of time to conquer (especially on the harder difficulties!)

EDIT: Malcolm has again generously agreed to host it on his site. It can be downloaded here



Malcolm (not verified)

Hey, not sure if you got my email from last night - but I have uploaded this release to my server.

You can get it at

Should be easier to use than rapidshare :).

Malcolm (not verified)

erm... the url is:

(remove the new line)