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Derelict Dev Post #29

Time for Derelict Dev Post #29

The most immediately noticeable thing about this screenshot is that the icons on the left have been changed. They're not filled in so they're less intrusive and I think that makes them look a little bit better too. Maybe. Also on the left is a new counter, which is the ammo that each rifle contains.

Now, I -know- it would be unfair to make the player scavenge through the ship to find ammunition, but fortunately you don't have to do that. Each marine has infinite ammo, however now you will need to strategically reload every once in awhile. Ordinarily the marine AI will only reload when they are out of ammo so you may find it advantageous to issue a reload command every now and then.

Again I haven't really given Derelict adequate development time. Over the last week I have been travelling, working, spending time with mates and loved ones and playing an imported copy of Super Smash Bros Brawl (kick ass!). However I will redouble my efforts. I intend to release the full, single player only version of Derelict (The Derelict Online Client/Server will be a separate development project) on Queens Birthday weekend at the start of June, with one final beta release before then. Stay tuned.



Anonymous (not verified)

lol yeah they look way better duude