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Derelict Dev Post #31

There are exactly four marines hiding in the grass, can you find them all? (click the picture to enlarge). Try not to use the radar if you can avoid it.

Above is my attempt at putting tall grass in the game. I know it isn't perfect so I may try to revise it later. So why is plant life being grown on the Atlas? Well, a number of reasons. Oxygen, food, aesthetics...

But more importantly there is a gameplay reason why the grass is there. Imagine your team wading through miles of the stuff with unseen enemies approaching from all sides. A level like that may very well be part of the next Derelict release.

I'm extremely delighted to report that, following the setbacks over the last couple of weeks, Derelict is back on track and moving towards its final beta release, which should be out by the end of the month.



ImTheDarkcyde (not verified)

Does it catch on fire, causing damage to its inhabitants?

Erik Hogan (not verified)

As utterly hilarious as it would be to watch marines being burned alive in a field of tall grass on a space ship, giving the idea justice would take far too long to program.