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Derelict Dev Post #33

A new feature for building levels: Columns. They don't really do anything, but they look nice.

New level in the screenie too. This one requires more teamwork then most, forcing to split your squad in half and head down two separate corridors to get to the end. At the end of your corridors the two halves of your team have to work together to be able to open the exit doors. I'm intending to do one or two new levels each week in order to meet my final release deadline.

Other then that, i've just been focusing on misc features and fixing bugs. The due date for the final beta is 31 May and should include 18 levels total, including three unique bosses.



JoshuaSmyth (not verified)

All your screenshots are a little dark. I know thats the atmosphere of the game, but bumping up the gamma a bit would be nice, just for illustrative purposes :)