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Derelict Dev Post #34

You and your team have fought your way through to the ship's Cargo Hold, where the rest of the survivors are building a barricade. Suddenly you hear noises - gunshots, explosions, screams... rushing with the rest of your men to find a way through the barricade, the ship suddenly goes quiet as you realise that you're too late to save even a single one of them.

Over the last week I have developed the final two boss levels for the game (part of the level for the penultimate one is depicted here) and written the endings. Also I changed the Marine texture to be a little less "90s Swat Team", as well as the usual assortment of bug fixes and minor tweaks.

There are only five more blog posts to go before Derelict is finished and the dev posts will come to an end. I'm starting to feel a tinge of emotion over the fact that something that I have worked on for over half a year is finally starting to come to fruition.

Next week I will post the final beta, which will have about three quarters of the levels of the final game (including the end). Stay tuned.



Anonymous (not verified)

Hello, I have been following Derelict for along time now and absolutely love it.
I just recently learned of a fan made project named
Jet Force Gemini 2: Reign of Mizar.
We (being the website following the developing of
JFG2:RM) would like to have you on the development team after you finish Derelict. The current leader of the project is excellent 3d modelling, but is just learning how to do complex coding. He has asked me to contact you, after you are a hobyist game designer, and I'm assuming that you always are looking for a game to develop. So, please, as a heart broken fan of the original JFG game, join the team. Please don't make me beg anymore. Email the lead designer your decision at

I'm sorry if the message is jumbled.