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Derelict Dev Post #38

As you can see i've just added dynamic terrain, water, trees as scenery and the title character himself. Er, whoops. No. NO. Ignore that. Wrong Screenshot.

This is 'multiview', which allows you to see the viewpoints of every marine at once, as well as the map. It's an entirely optional mode that can be switched on and off with the press of a button and you can still directly control marines as well as issue orders on the map in this mode.

I've had a few requests for such a feature since the first public beta but I have only just been able to work out how to get it going well. Running this mode does slow the game down a bit (Since it requires doing six renders) but it wouldn't make much of a difference on Crysis capable PCs. Other then that I have been working on trying to add more ease and flexibility to the control options, for instance, by pressing Shift and a number (1-5) you can instantly tell that particular marine to follow you, rather then having to switch into map mode and doing a bunch of clicking.

Multiview will be the last major feature to be added to Derelict. Everything else will be tweaks, polish and bug fixes until the 1.0 release next week.

Finally, congratulations to Matthew of Looseleafgames for being the first person to report finishing the Beta, with a time of 02:33:04 on rank 1.



JoshuaSmyth (not verified)

Hey that multiple screen rendering thing is a pretty neat trick.

Erik Hogan (not verified)


The original space hulk had a mode like this but I originally figured I couldn't get it running smoothly in 3D (doing six renders simultaneously would slow the game to a crawl)

Then someone on the System Shock 2 forums pointed out I could just render one screen each cycle, thereby spreading the load across refresh cycles.