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Derelict news and speedfix

First of all, I have gotten a few reports that Derelict has been running extremely slow on some machines, including ones with powerful hardware. I've encountered that same problem myself when I got my new Crysis-capable laptop(!!) and so I have spent a bit of time working on a patch. So, yeah, sorry about that!

The updated exe can be downloaded from a temporary download location here. Just extract to the derelict folder and run it, it doesn't overwrite any of the existing files. If the game still runs slowly after trying the patch try dropping the target frame rate back to 30 in the options and restart the game. I will update the full Derelict download later when Iam satisfied that the patch doesn't introduce any new bugs.

Now, Derelict has its own Mobygames page! Special thanks to Guilherme Chirinea for summarizing the story, taking screengrabs and entering the credits. Though I've had a Mobygames profile for some years now this is the first time a game I made has listed on the site. I'm absolutely stoked. The page is here.

By extension it now has it's own forum too, which is also great.

In other news, Derelict has been listed on the blog as a 'freeware game pick' and got a positive write up. The permalink is here. Also the game got a mention on this site, which reminds me, I still need to sort out the level editor..



Kiasyn Kelle (not verified)

Hey Man, we met today at the AGW meetup - Sam here. (We played Rock Band)

Just tried the game and almost crapped myself, its awesome, very well done :D