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Derelict update

Although I haven't had much spare time to work on it, progress on Derelict is going pretty well. I had an extended playtest session on the two player co-operative mode on Saturday, and it went much better than I had expected, so it almost feels ready. I expect to have the next revision out in a couple of weeks.

Two recent changes are demonstrated in this screenshot. One is a Call of Duty esque damage indicator showing the direction which you're being attacked from. The other is a new set of textures (that came from a free model pack on the Blitz3D forum) which give the ship a much better look and feel.

Also, Anthony did a cool bee for WitchBlaster on the weekend (though I haven't implemented it in the game yet). Check it out:



Sam (not verified)

Those new textures look good - They add something more to the already thick atmosphere... And some of the original textures were a bit horrible (for which I happily take the blame :))


also ::points:: Nice bee!



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Cool, glad you like the textures. Not sure if you saw, but they're also going to be in Firestart.

Don't blame yourself for the textures in the previous release, I was happy to put whatever I could get my hands on into the game - which is why there's still those horrible models!