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Derelict's "Black screen" bug

Well, it looks like even the new 1.2 RC1 version of Derelict has the black screen bug on some computers.


Aaand I'm simply not going to officially release Derelict 1.2 until this bug is fixed. I had a similar bug in my Project Firestart remake that was partially to blame for it getting a critical mauling from the Retro Remakes judges. So I need a hand from anyone who can help.

So, if anyone is getting their bug on their computer, it would really be helpful if you could go through the following steps:

  1. Download the just uploaded Derelict 1.2 RC2 (from here) OR just copy the Derelict 1.2 RC2 executable (here) over top of your existing Derelict 1.2 RC1 installation.
  2. Play the game until you get a black screen bug, and then press CTRL-F4 to quit
  3. Pressing CTRL-F4 also produces a crash report (crash.txt). Email that directly to me (earok3d at gmail dot com) along with details on the OS, Graphics Card, Ram and CPU in your computer, as well as what you were doing in the game at the time of the crash.

If you send me through a crash report I can also add you to the credits if you'd like. Thanks in advance.

Edit - oh, and it'd be nice to know if the same bug happens on your computer on Derelict 1.1, which would narrow the fault down to something that was introduced between that version and the new one.



Anonymous(same guy) (not verified)

happens on version 1.1 also it happens shortly after exiting the airlocks and accessing the message hologram

Anonymous(same guy) (not verified)

It didn't freeze so i couldn't view crash errors or use alt+f4.