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Game Jam #1

Matt, Josh and I are here at Waikato University in Hamilton. We're in a beige computer lab, surrounded by high tech gaming PCs (as evidenced by the fact that a few of them are currently being used to play Left 4 Dead and Farcry 2).

The Game Jam hasn't started yet. In half an hour we're due to receive a briefing video from the creator of World of Goo, and then we'll be told our theme and restrictions before we get to work. I'll make another post before we get started.

I'm feeling a mixture of zen-like calm, nervousness and just a slight bit of fatique. I haven't settled on an idea yet but I'll post what I decide on shortly after the presentation. Stay tuned.



Stephen Knightly (not verified)

I can feel the suspense. I can also watch you on the webcam at, although there's not much happening right now.

Kristie (not verified)

Good luck you guys! :)

alkaline-kiwi (not verified)

Am happy that you arrived safely, good luck!

Janet (not verified)

Have lots of fun this weekend, you will be in our thoughts.

mum & dad