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Game Jam #2

The Game Jam has begun! You can watch me live at (Though you might have a hard time seeing me, I'm right at the end of the middle table on the right hand side and wearing my Black Mario Fedora). I'm not sure if I'm allowed to announce the restrictions to the world (even though there probably is no harm in doing so) so I won't.

But I will say they are very interesting, and absolutely none of my game ideas before the Game Jam could possibly fit in them. The game I produce in the next 48 hours will be completely different to any other I have ever made before. Just about everyone has formed into teams, except for myself; tonight I'm going to program an engine for making 3D Isometric games (Think Legend of Zelda on Nes, but with polygons) and then offer it to one of the other teams; they'll either be interested or they wont (in which case I'll use it for my own game idea). Time to get started. LETS ROCK.



alkaline-kiwi (not verified)

Good luck!

Janet (not verified)

See you on the web cam, hope all is going well


Sam (not verified)

Wow - amazing! Good luck!