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Game Jam #3

I'm sleep deprived, having only managed 2.5 hours, and feeling slightly delirious. I'm still by myself on the project, and I'm actually feeling quite good about that because, perhaps for the first time ever, I'll do all of the content - from sound to art to programming - entirely by myself. So, announcing my Game Jam 2009 project -

Heart of Ice; a real time dungeon romp loosely remincient of Legend of Zelda on the Nes and classic KnP title Mortuum. I'm planning to get the guts of the game and art assets done today, with Sunday free for polishing. Stay tuned.



Sam (not verified)

It looks great so far. I really like the art style. Best o' luck!

Sam (not verified)

I just checked out the webcam. I think I heard someone mention a walrus. Also, I think I saw your head.

alkaline-kiwi (not verified)

Looking good!

Sam (not verified)

Hmm. Less people in the room today. And all I can hear is some guy squealing 'cos he's getting his ass kicked in Left 4 Dead. Must be hard to get any work done in there!