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Game Jam #4

To my readers; Sam, Kristie, Stephen, Mum and of course Kirsty, thank you for all of your kind support and comments. Heart of Ice is approaching completion, although lot slower then I had originally anticipated (Especially due to me constantly changing my mind about gameplay mechanics, and then re-changing it!). The art assets are pretty much done; I have drawn 6 characters and have produced another three through rudimentary palette swapping. Everything in the game is still completely my own work, though I've had advice from Kirsty and some other people on certain things for it. I'm hoping to get the core gameplay done by 12pm, giving me three hours to tackle a task I haven't given much thought at all: Producing the sound! I may do another blog post then. Stay tuned.



Sam (not verified)

Yep, I really like the style and can't wait to play it. I have this advice for your main character: Kill 'em all, elf girl!

Stephen (not verified)

Yeah I like the style too. I'd be happy to help polish some gfx for a sequel in future.

Janet (not verified)

Go for it


Kristie (not verified)

Well done, looking good so far! Best of luck :D

Stephen (not verified)

Just played it. Got 5-6 rooms in. Fun, fast, but maybe a bit repetitive. But heck, darn good for 1 weekends work - considering all the assets (gfx, music) too.