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Global Game Jam Challenge: Part III

The Global Game Jam 2010 starts in New Zealand at about 5PM on Friday, which means the deadline for the challenge closes in barely two days.

If you've even finished one of my games for the challenge, then you had better flick through your screenshot and idea to secure your entry. If the challenge expires with no entries, then.. well, I'll just have to think of the idea when I get there.



Stephen Knightly (not verified)


Well I'd hate to see your fine offer go wanting. So I just went and clocked Blow Stuff Up (yes, we should do a remake/update in Unity. There is a good explosions library available) and The Kiwi's Tale.  Of course, I did help make one (but only one) of those games.

Here are the screenshots:

Hmmm... Now, how to abuse the power that I now hold over you (John Romero style).

i want you to... bring me a shrubbery! No - wait... write 50,000 words in 30 Days.How about that ridiculous PieMan game that your brother came up with?
Actually what I want is a game where the player can "jump back in time", taking with them their health, powerups, knowledge and then play alongside themselves maybe 30 seconds or 2 minutes earlier.
That's the basic concept. I have heaps of other ideas as to how to make the most of that idea, but let's see what you make of it.