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WitchBlaster downloadable again

Back by massively popular demand (Well, not really) WitchBlaster now has a downloadable version again. The main rationale is that Curly's World of Freeware were going to move the WitchBlaster post out of the Freeware forum as it had no PC download (Fair enough, I guess it's not really Freeware if it's web only, as I could take it away at any time).

One of Monkey's compiler options is C++, using GLFW as the framework and OpenAL for audio. Monkey doesn't just spit out the translated code though, it actually gives you a complete Visual Studio 2010 solution as well. This is the first C++ game on my site, even though I didn't write any of the C++ myself. I'll probably include a C++ version on the Earok 2011 Collection CD.

The downloadable version runs very smooth, but there isn't really much point to getting it - unless you have an older computer and the web versions don't run fast - but it's there anyway.

In related news, I got to play an iPad build of the game on Wednesday (Cheers Stephen). I was surprised that it ran perfectly slick, considering all of the Android builds I've played run like a dog. None of the code was changed from the web version except a tweak to scale the graphics to the full iPad screen. The only problem is that the game isn't exactly touch optimised, the Witch will travel to whatever part of the screen you touch, but half the time she'll be obscured by your finger. Also, since the iPad is fairly big, it's a pain moving your finger all of the way from one side of the screen to the other all of the time.


Just uploaded a minor new version with the following fixes:

  • All images are power-of-two sizes, which fixes a display glitch on some computers.
  • Joystick support. Though specifically designed for the XBox 360 controller, any controller with at least three buttons will work fine.


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Can you show me the output C++? I am curious.

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Sure thing man, I'll post it to you soon

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