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The Kiwi's Tale, now playable in a browser!

The Kiwi's Tale has now been ported to Monkey, play it online right here. This is the first public release of the Monkey version, so I'm expecting there to be a few bugs lurking around. Please let me know if you spot any. I've only tested on Chrome so it's the only Browser I can guarantee it might run reliably on.

Boring technical details below for those who are interested:

  • Despite being browser based, this version of the game has almost complete feature parity with it's desktop counterpart (Joypad support being the most major omission).
  • Gui's Portguese translation is still present, unfortunately some of the character's aren't displaying. I'll need to spend some time looking into it.
  • A Flash version exists, but runs far too slow to be playable. I think it's time for Flash to be buried.
  • A fair chunk of the code was ported automatically with my BlitzMax-to-Monkey converter, though there was still a fair amount of painstaking effort fixing the code line by line until it became playable.
  • The only major part of the code I didn't port with the converter was the Mappy level libraries. Since the Mappy file format is binary, I had to convert the levels to a text format, and ended up Clean Rooming the libraries rather than trying to port them.


Joined: 05/18/2009

Great news, Erik! I'm adding the additional platform to MobyGames right now. =)

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Joined: 02/06/2009

Thanks mate, much appreciated =)

Stephen Knightly (not verified)

This is awesome. And it plays smoothly too.  

The title screen looks good on an iPad too, but I can't get any further than that without touch support.

One small bug I found: there are some empty black tiles in the Punakaiki level that are set to 'solid' when they should actually be 'empty'/walkable.

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Joined: 02/06/2009

Thanks Stephen. I'll work on touch screen controls when I get some time. Do you have any recommendations about a particular touch screen control scheme that works really well for an ipad platformer?

Yes, I noticed the Punakaiki bug, there was a glitch with the mappy importer I wrote that did weird things on certain tiles. I fixed most of them (some of them made the blocks fatal, hence impossible to finish certain levels) but I missed that one somehow. It'll be fixed in the next version