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NZ Story Remake Dev Post #12

I know I said I would have posted the public Beta by now but.. it's still not ready.

The game, as it stands, is mostly complete. We have 13 levels out of a planned 16, and finishing the 16 by the competition deadline isn't completely outside of the realm of possibility.

However a few of them are lacking essential polish or are simply impossible to finish in their current state. There are also a few bugs and gameplay balance issues left to squash. Because there are so many outstanding issues with the game currently, it'd be pointless sending out a beta version because the feedback will point out problems we're already aware of. But, damn it, we will post a Beta by this weekend or by early next week though. I

n other news, Kahra Scott-James has provided an enormous amount of brilliant songs and sound effects for the game. Josh and Matt have been toiling away at their levels and crafting new ones, while Stephen has been churning out more great artwork. I have been adding a few more features to the code base, such as the boss fights and moving platforms (an essential addition to nearly any platformer) but now the feature set is essentially complete (finally!) and from here on out I'll be focusing refining the existing code rather then expanding it.

Well, gonna get back to work on it now.


Guilherme Chirinéa (not verified)

Hey Erik, let me know when it is ready!

earok (not verified)

Will do Gui