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NZ Story Remake Dev Post #13

It was a little bit late, I know, but finally, the beta version is out =D It can be downloaded for a limited time here. We would really appreciate it if you filled out the playtester's form and mailed it to us as well. Note that this not the final version, although most levels and features are in place, there will no doubt be a few changes between now and the competition release in a fortnight. Anyway, not much else to say! Knock yourselves out.


Joshuasmyth (not verified)

Cool, I'll give it a play through. Looks like you managed to get the filesize to a reasonable limit also.

Sam (not verified)

Well done guys!

Kristie (not verified)

Well done :) Very cute, haven't had time to play through very far yet, but hopefully will find time to do so soon. Congrats on finishing, looks great!