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NZ Story Remake Dev Post #15 - It's done!

Kai Kasai did some really fantastic artwork for the game, including this awesome title screen graphic.

The competition deadline expired a couple of hours ago, I posted a copy of the game to the judges yesterday and a slightly newer one this morning. Three months and one week of work have come to a close. Thanks to all of the other Auckland Game Works guys as well as everyone who submitted a playtesting form. I am really happy to have my newest game released, the second one for 2008.

So what's next for me? Well, I've already got my first game project for 2009 planned, but I'm keeping it hush-hush at the moment. Announcement on the blog will come next week. I'm also really looking forward to playing the other entries in the competiton (already played a couple!) no doubt there'll be some fantastic ones out there. The competition build is available on the website here. EDIT - Download link fixed


jdeuel (not verified)

404 on dl link. i've been keeping an eye on this and it looks really hip

earok (not verified)

Sorry mate, download link fixed

Sam (not verified)

Hooray! Well done all!

CaptainD (not verified)

Hi there!

Love the game, definitely my favourite of the competition so far. I blogged about it here -

Looking forward to your next game! I have fond memories of The New Zealand Story on the Atari ST, though I never loved it quite as much as Rainbow Islands and Parasol Stars...


Dave (CaptainD)

Guilherme Chirinéa (not verified)

Amazing guys, well done!