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NZ Story Remake Dev Post #2

Okay, time for an update

This is a temporary level AGW coordinator Stephen whipped together for the project. I've been focusing primarily on the engine, and now it has jumping and control mechanics that loosely resemble that from the original game, as well as the ability to shoot (I drew these place holder arrows, I think they look kinda cool though). Stephen and I met yesterday to discuss the future of the project. We've tentatively gone back to developing in Blitz3D again but, since we don't necessarily need BlitzMax's flashy 2D features (and none of us own it!) and since I'm comfortable using it (might not be a good idea making the first game I do in a language a competition entry!) it should suit our purposes fine. Also during the meeting we defined our responsibilities; I'm focusing purely on the engine at the moment, whereas Stephen is focusing on the design side of things (level development, enemies and vehicles etc) That's all for now folks, stay tuned. (Edit - Forgot to mention, Viijay set up SVN for the project, which is a freaking awesome way of keeping the project up-to-date on everyone's computer, and Josh did a Sonic-esque tileset for the game)


Kristie (not verified)

Cool, can't wait to see it finished :) Looks fun.

nzer (not verified)

man ur awsome