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Should I enter the Retro Remakes 2008 competition?

I've decided that, out of my shortlist of game projects I posted earlier, Mobile Warfare is definitely the one I want to do first. Being a multiplayer project it wouldn't be the easiest game in the world to develop, but pulled off right it could be a great multiplayer experience that appeals to both casual and hardcore players alike.

BUT.. Retro Remakes have just announced their 2008 competition, starting 1st of September. And i'm tempted to enter it. I have a few ideas about what I might do as well. The C64 port of Thunderblade was one of my favourite games on that computer (as well as being based on one of my favourite movies..). My girlfriend is particularly partial to Wonderboy in Monster Land for Master System, and I also enjoyed that during my youth. Blue Max and LightForce were among my favourite shoot-em-ups on C64. I only ever played the C64 version, but I thought a remake of Led Storm would also be cool. I also briefly thought about doing The Last V8, but, you know, make it possible to play.

I'm still leaning towards getting to work on Mobile Warfare in a month or two, but I could always do that later. Should I forget about the competition and focus on my original projects, or should I have a go at bringing an old classic back to life?


alkaline-kiwi (not verified)

ah wonderboy games... I rented those so many times when I was younger.

never managed to beat it though, always seemed to die on the last level.

Gui Chirinéa (not verified)

I still think you should do the Mônica games. =)