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February Retrospective, March Project Goals

The final download figures for this month (roughly) are:

Derelict 1482
The Kiwi's Tale 792
Heart of Ice 37
Blow Stuff Up 72
TOTAL 2382

Note that this does not include figures from Sam's mirror (which has been active for about a fortnight) so the actual totals for Derelict and the Kiwi's Tale could be hundreds higher. Compare with my downloads for 2008:

Derelict 289
The Kiwi's Tale 104

I'm not sure if I'll ever see this sudden surge of popularity again, but I'll try my very best to keep interest in my site going through producing decent quality games.

Anyway, last month:

  1. I was in Palmerston North for a fortnight for work, longer then I had originally anticipated because at the last minute I had to stay for another week(!) and this slowed down my personal projects.
  2. I had to triple the amount of bandwidth my site has due to the sudden rush of downloads.
  3. I didn't manage to register my commercial entity due to work, however I have thought of a name for it and a suitable Dot Com domain is available. I'll discuss this after both the business and domain are registered.
  4. I also didn't quite manage to reach the first milestone of the Earok Engine due to work commitments, however I did get a fair bit done (including level rendering and particle effects) as well as managing a few enhancements for the Derelict codebase (Shotgun has been added!).
  5. I had lunch with Stephen Knightly (AGW Co-ordinator) the other day with another person (I don't want to drop his name just yet, but I will say that he is the solo author of a popular game development language) and the three of us agreed to begin work on a Commercial 3D Platformer for PC.

So, my plans for this month are:

  1. Finish the first milestone of the Earok Engine - basically extracting and refining Derelict's core
  2. Finish the first version of the Earok Editor, which will be made using the Earok Engine libraries itself and could be used to make levels for Derelict or any other Earok Engine game.
  3. Register my commercial entity and it's Dot Com domain.
  4. Release Derelict 1.2, which is more of an evolutionary change then a revolutionary change, simply a set of bug fixes, content changes and minor gameplay enhancements. This should also include the Earok Editor for making and editing levels.
  5. Do a major upgrade to the AGW website, adding more forum functionality and adding mailing lists.


Kristie (not verified)

w00t! Keep up the good work! :-)