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March Retrospective, April Project Plans

I admit that March was not a very productive month for me, having achieved only a few of my project goals. I have been very busy with work and other things recently, but I could have managed my personal projects much better.

None the less I did make progress across all fronts:

  1. I reached the first Milestone of the Earok Engine. It still has a long way to go, but all of the hours I sunk into it should save me a lot more time in future.
  2. I made some significant progress on the Earok Editor, and actually used it to make a level for a very short (still as of yet unreleased) game.
  3. I didn't register a commercial entity, as I've decided not to do it! After doing a little bit of reading I figured I didn't need to register a Limited Liability Company as I won't be taking on any debts, hence I need no debt protection. For all of my commercial projects in the near future I'll simply be trading as myself.
  4. Derelict 1.2 is still not out, as I have faced some larger then expected hurdles, plus I keep tinkering with the GUI. The codebase needs a few hours work to become playable again.
  5. The AGW website has had a few more features, though not as many as I had planned for. The most significant new feature I've added is the "events" module, which adds some type functionality, allowing users to schedule and sign up for events.

My goals for April are somewhat less ambitious then my goals for previous months, since I'll be going on a trip over Easter.

  1. Actually release Derelict 1.2, which I've been promising for the last two months. The changes since version 1.1 are fairly significant so I'll be releasing a beta version beforehand.
  2. Publicly release the first version of the Earok Editor along with it, so you can finally create your own levels.
  3. Have a go at getting Google Groups style mailing lists working on the Auckland Game Works page.
  4. Finally, actually get the ball rolling on the Project Firestart remake (sorry for being so slack here Sam!)


Sam (not verified)

No need to apologize, Erik! I've been doing other things all week, even though there's only a tiny bit left to finish off on those maps. Will get something to you soon...