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"The Sims in Space"

Josh of Tiny Frog Software commented recently the Earok Editor looks like "The Sims in Space", and that got me thinking about what such a game could be like.

It could be about a journey from Earth to Alpha Centauri on a starship designed by the player. Presuming both faster-then-light travel and cryogenic hibernation is impossible, there'd be a lot of things within the crew that have to be managed (boredom, loneliness, mutiny, disease etc) as well as keeping the internal systems of the ship functioning (waste recycling, oxygen recycling, engines, hull integrity if hit by debris).

It'd be kind of cool watching the relationships of the crew evolve as they survive numerous crises together before triumphantly setting foot on an Earth-like planet at the end of the game.

I'd play that game. Why hasn't anyone made it yet?



Joshua Smyth (not verified)

You're describing a short story called "Gold at the Starbow's End by Frederik Pohl"

Very good short.

Sam (not verified)

I always love the 'Generation Ship' idea (though actually, with cryo facilities, this is a bit different). Sounds very interesting. I suppose the closest thing to it would be 'Startopia.'

avengingwatcher (not verified)

There is a game like this called Space Colony. There was also a space station type sim as well. Space Colony is minus the trip but there are different planets and it is a blatant rip off of the Sims but it provided me with more than a few days of fun, plus you can dump your own soundtrack into the game and play your own mp3s.

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Sounds interesting, might check it out