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Monkey Demo: Six Degrees of Freedom

New monkey tech demo! Use A/Z to move, and cursor keys to rotate. This could be considered the first public demo of the "BattleSuit" project.

This is an experiment with six degrees of freedom (Being able to freely move relative to X, Y and Z axes, as well as being able to freely rotate on the X, Y and Z axes) perspective rendering, ZBuffering and doing a space backdrop.

I honestly struggled a lot with this, and it took a lot longer than I care to admit. Part of the problem is that I was using tutorials from a bunch of different places, each with their own co-ordinate system and rotation order. Fortunately, it transpires that the Blitz3D source code that deals with geometry is freely available. It would have saved me hours if I knew that when I started! (Cheers Mark)

Also, the weirdness with space and the characters flipping around suddenly is due to issues dealing with 'singularities' when rotating near the "North and South pole" of the co-ordinate system. Not sure if I can really deal with it, if I can think of a solution I'll post an updated version. I'll probably also add this to the Monkey Tech Demo's collection sometime.



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Hrm. HTML5 seems to give me the same troubles that Flash did, and that being the fact that it eats my key-combos. It must be hell for people who have trouble using the mouse. (Read accessability.)