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Traffic Department 2192

The original Traffic Department 2192 is an old game that very few people have even heard of, but those who have played it never forget it. It is a mission based action game with an epic sci-fi storyline. Cloning, vicious tyrants, guerilla warfare, narcotic spice, trust, betrayal and revenge, all set in the far future on a Desert planet (Maybe its just a bit like Dune).

The original game

The game, unfortunately, didn't have very good gameplay. And it is impossible to run the game on a modern machine without making use of DosBox. So I have decided that the game is well overdue to be brought into the 21st Century, and if nobody else will do it, I will.

My attempt at remaking it

My new remake runs at over three times the resolution of the original game and is coded in Blitz Basic 3D. I've started preliminary work on the game, and I have been hacking the original data files with a hex editor so I can use the original graphics without doing a whole lot of screengrabs. Thus far I have been able to pull across all of the vehicle sprites and map tiles, as well as the city maps themselves. The city is rendered in full 3D while the Hoverskids are still (currently) 2D sprites.

These are some of the features I intend to have in my remake:

  • The storyline and missions from the classic original.
  • New gameplay style. Although the gameplay will resemble the gameplay of the original, it will have full 360 degree movement (instead of just eight directions) and the vehicles will slide around corners. The AI should also be much deadlier than in the original.
  • Full flexibility. End users will be able to create their own characters, missions, campaigns, vehicles and cities, with the same tools that I used to adapt the original game.
  • User profiles. These keep track of your current progress in a campaign, as well as your total kills and successfully completed missions. Unlike the original game, you don't lose all of your kills when you progress to the next campaign.
  • Single missions. The game will come with a set of single missions with new storylines that can be played in any order at any time. These missions will also allow the player to play as characters other then Lt. Velasque.
  • Different camera modes. A first person mode is likely.


arran4 (not verified)

Be nice if you learned C and the necessary libraries (ie SDL) to make games and make them cross platform. Here are the books I am getting from Amazon on the topic:
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Earok.Net (not verified)

[...] I succeeded in getting a 3D version of one of the cities from the game running (as reported here) but didn’t get any further. I hadn’t even attempted to bring the dialogue sequences [...]