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New Project!

It has been a while but I feel the time is right to kick off a new project: announcing another attempt to remake Traffic Department 2192!


What is Traffic Department 2192?

TD2192 is a classic DOS Shareware game by Safari Software. It tells the story of Lt Marta Louise Velasquez, a tough-as-nails pilot out for revenge on the invading "Vulture" Army. The game is most notable for its strong storyline told in a Visual Novel style, highly unusual for a shoot-em-up.


Why remake it?

Because it needs a remake! The original, while it has a small cult following, didn't get the attention it deserved upon release. Also, since it has never been ported, it is impossible to play the original on modern systems without emulation.


What will be different in the remake, and what will be the same?

The gameplay will be altered to take advantage of modern systems, in particular the much larger resolution of modern displays will allow for more frantic run-and-gun action. A more ruthless AI will give the game some much needed challenge. Split screen, netplay, level editors, an "instant action" mode and Gamepad support will be considered.

The storyline of course will be taken across verbatim ;) voice acting is certainly a possibility.


What platforms will the remake be available for?

The remake is being developed in Monkey, so HTML5 will be the primary platform but virtually anything else - from PC to iOS to Android to Mac - is a possibility.


What progress has been made thus far?

Not much, other than the level viewer displayed in the screenshot above! I was able to reverse engineer much of the artwork and map layouts from the original on a previous remake attempt, which I am bringing across to this one.


Who is on the team?

Nothing has been set in stone yet we're on the lookout for anyone who wants to take part - art, audio or even playtesting abilities would be appreciated!


When will it be released?

Who knows! I plan on a "release early, release often" schedule that will see incomplete alpha and beta versions released on a frequent basis to gather feedback and bug reports.


Can I still try the original game?

Absolutely, the game has been generously released as freeware under a Creative-Commons licence. Downloads and online playable versions are available at



Dewayne Lovett (not verified)

I am a great fan of Traffic Department 2192...I really enjoy playing it and love the way the story is revealed during the play. I am looking forward for its improved version.

Joined: 05/18/2009

This looks cool, Erik! If you need a playtester, just let me know! :)

Earok's picture
Joined: 02/06/2009

@Dewayne cheers man, I appreciate it :) hope we don't disappoint!

@Gui cheers :) definitely would appreciate a playtester (also a Mobygames page at some point ;) )