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Traffic Department Remake Update #1

First update!

  • The full city of "Vulthaven" from the original game has been brought across.
  • Basic control and collision detection has been implemented, though this will be tweaked and refined during the course of the project until it "feels" right.
  • Like in the original game, there are different rendering modes - "Night" mode (which is deliberately nearly impossible to see) and "Infrared" mode. This was actually bit of a pain to implement because, unlike virtually ever other modern graphics platform, HTML5 canvas doesn't support any kind of colour blending mode (I ended up making separate image files for each rendering mode rather than leaving the engine to take care of it).
  • Like the original game, this has a "map mode", but unlike the original game it zooms all of the way out to view the entire city rather than just rendering a simple map.
  • While the primary target is still HTML5, because it's being written in Monkey it works just fine in Flash and C++.
  • As a side project, I've started a wikia dedicated to the original game, that I'll develop and update in tandem. I figured it would be a good way to keep notes and promote the original game. I hope fans of the original game will eventually appreciate it as a central depository for knowledge about the game!

That's it for now, next week I'll focus on combat.

As promised, this is a release-early release-often project, so the current prototype is playable here.



Joshua Smyth (not verified)

That blendmodes thing is a real bummer. I'm sure I've seen people using blends with multiple using multiple canvas's. But maybe it's just not well supported?

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Joined: 02/06/2009

Well, there are hacks and such, but no pure way of being able to do multiply blend. IIRC Monkey does it natively for all other platforms (including Flash!) but for HTML5 it has a work around that recolours all of the pixels on every image render (which, as you can imagine is ridiculously slow).

There was a "darken" blend at one stage that might have worked but it appears to have been dropped from the HTML5 spec. Additive blend appears to work just fine.

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Joined: 02/06/2009

It's easy enough to draw a black rectangle and cut the alpha to give a pure darken effect, but it looks washed out if you try to do that with a coloured rectangle.