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Update on Bandwidth issues

Sam Jeffreys (Derelict co-designer and all around cool guy) has kindly offered a mirror for Derelict and The Kiwi's Tale on his personal page, and the links have been updated on the games page. They are here for your convenience:

This should ease congestion somewhat, except that the blogs and websites that they have been posted on will mostly link through to the old location. I would rather not take down the old files as it would be a pain in the ass to people using the old links, but if you want to post either game on your site or blog could you please use the new location?

Thanks to everyone who offered hosting and thanks again for playing.



Malcolm (not verified)

I am waaaaay late here, but I created another mirror. I've moved all my web hosting stuff to another server where I have loads more flexibility.

Anyway, the files are at:

If you are interested I can give you sftp access so you can upload and update the files there yourself. I have ~50GB/month that isn't being used, so if you would like to mirror the stuff on my server - please go for it.

Anyway, let me know if you want access to upload files yourself.