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NaNoWriMo, Part II

NaNoWriMo starts in less then four hours.

I originally wasn't planning on taking it too seriously, since I figured I had virtually no chance of actually getting it done. However, I have been inspired by reading No Plot No Problem and now I am fully fired up and ready to go. (Actually, I think No Plot No Problem will help me with designing games as well, I'll do a full blog post about my thoughts on it in a month or so)

The planned novel is called The Hunters and is based on an idea that's been floating around my mind since High School. It's about a band of teenagers that take up Comic Book style secret identities to take on a ruthless criminal organisation. Yeah, I know its probably quite silly, but Kirsty thinks it might work out, so I'll give it my best shot!

The blog is going to stay silent until either the novel is done or the end of the month is reached (Hopefully the former!). Though, I'll still be tweeting occasionally.

That's all for now, see you in December.



Sam (not verified)

Sounds good! And good luck to you!